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Stuart Draper

Playing Age 30s-40s Height: 5ft 8ins Eyes: Blue/Grey Hair: Shaved


Piano (Grade 5, play anything `by ear'), Guitar, Recorder, Horse Riding, Full Driving License.

Singing: Tenor (trained by Pat Nixon).

Accents: RP, Midlands (Native), London/South East. Good Ear


Education: BA (Hons) Theology, Durham University. LAMDA (Grade 7).Speaking of Verse and Prose Distinction;. Languages: French (basic)


"Stuart Draper giving a magnificent and powerful performance as Sassoon...."
The Kentish Times

"Draper plays Shakespeare with gusto, delighting in the fact that, like the bard, what's the point if the playwright doesn't give himself the best parts? Alongside his clowning and wit, he shows the loneliness and despair to give a rounded character."

"That the actor has an uncanny sense of comedic timing is immediately apparent. Draper, a.k.a. Shakespeare, is able to generate laughs with, seemingly, a minimum amount of effort."
Extra Extra

"well-honed, touching performance from Stuart Draper, as a reflective Sassoon." EXTRA EXTRA

"some fine actors within his eight-strong cast (with Stuart Draper's Argan .. deserving particular mention)"

"Stuart Draper is excellent as the uptight, pistol-wielding George."
Emma Whitelaw, Indielondon

"Stuart Draper stands out as a middle-aged geek called George."
Sarah Monaghan
Theatreworld Internet Magazine

"Outstanding performance by Stuart Draper as George."
Sandi Toksvig, LBC 97.3 FM

"The mechanicals are a joy of comic timing and expression."

"A charming group of mechanicals led by Stuart Draper's own Peter Quince."
Time Out

"There has to be a mention of ... and Stuart Draper who nearly steal the show in their roles as a motley group of outlaws."
Kentish Times


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