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Arali McGrath

DOB: 1996 • Height: 4ft 3ins • Waist: 24ins • Hips: 28ins • Shoe: 2 • Hair: Brown • Eyes: Dark Brown

TRAINING: Highclare School Drama Classes

ACCENTS: American (Deep South), Yorkshire, Birmingham,

Cockney, RP, Standard English.

SKILLS: Strong singing voice, Gymnastics, Dancing, Plays Violin.


Chorus Member • King Arthur (The Pantomime) • Spadesbourne Suite, Bromsgrove • Dir. Neale S. McGrath

Mouse • Cinderella • Eastbourne House

Ghost • Scrooge • Highclare School

Voice of A.E Housman • Blue Remembered Hills • Crescent Theatre •Dir. Neale S. McGrath


The Fighter • Babe in Arms • Cable TV • Dir. Neale S. McGrath


Arali has written a short story entitled “Mardbolger and Me” which is due to be published early in 2006.

She is writing “all about the stages of life”, a story all about growing up.

Telephone: Neale McGrath on 07870-969577





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